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Neil McCarthy, Ken Nash & Sweet Sweet Moon 17.03.11
Categories: Allgemein

many poems and songs will be written these days..


a  week for written words, songs and plays..

to embrace the unspoken

and to unspokenly build a metaphoric bridge to a monk, who

came a long long way with a mission usings words

and songs for change, maybe..


references always end up differently as preferences.


thursday march 17


St. Patrick´s Day for all those who know,

St. Patrick´s Day for those who don´t know..


so the word goes to..


Neil McCarthy –  great Dude and Poet from Ireland

Ken Nash – Illustrator, Comedian, Musician on his way from Prague

Sweet Sweet Moon – Musician and violinistic Magician from Hollabrunn (Austria) more words to be put on a board

the roses will follow.