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Tiger Cooke – LAFIDKI 07.04.2011
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7 of April, a thursday in the year 2011..



This weeks wonderfullen artists are..


TIGER COOKE, Irish uprising artist –

(look out for the reasons why you should come by, below..)!


L A F I D K I from Cambodia with French mix:

the crucial infomatix:



is Saphy Vong a sound and visual artist.
he has played alone and in collaboration on many places such as Pori (Galleria 3H+K), Bangkok (Nospace Gallery), London (113 Dalston Lane), Berlin (White Rabbit Gallery)..

He’s an Paris/Nancy/France based solo musician from Cambodia who is messing around with abstract electronics, and sequenced multi-layered rhythms.
Playing live is for him always an experiment within the situation of spontaneous thinking and decision-making through the energy of people & space.
Collaborations include the projects METRO:LIBIDO (with Imran Khan), MONOSOURCIL (with Pavel Viry, Boris Viry and Gaetan Belhenniche) and Marie-Pascale Hardy (LEYLI) .He is running the label Steak au zoo and organizer of a concert series for noise, experimental and free music, “GROLDEBOX”, in Nancy.


Tadgh Cooke – Tiger Cooke


So, a few reasons why to come out Thursday night..

Plus, anyone open for housing the artist for one night?




“Talking to various music journalists, they all reckon that you’re the

next big thing, in the way that Conor O’Brien and Villagers was last

year.”  –  Newstalk


“One of the songs here is inspired by the death of Elliott Smith, but

in fact that tortured genius’s influence can be heard all the way

through Fingertips Of The Silversmith – a dreamy, understated

collection of Americana-tinged folk-rock, marked out by Cooke’s

poetic sensibility and keen eye for life’s absurdities.”  –  ****  The

Sunday Business Post


“Fingertips of the Silversmith is delivered in a crisp clean tone with

the songs banding together to form an incredibly tight, allusively

diverse record… Each one displays perfect melodies, excellent

structures and pure enjoyment… One of the strongest albums an

Irish artist has come out with this year.”   GoldenPlec


”Wünderschone Musik”   Melle’s Mixtape, Delta Radio, DE


”The arrangements are understated and the backing, courtesy of

players like drummer Kevin Brady and bassist David Redmond… is

stellar”   HotPress Album Review


“Unique brand of shimmering rock…  Soft yet strong, it’s got that

Jeff Buckley quality to it that most vocalists crave.”  Hot Press


“Charting a course between noir-ish torch-songs and  heart-on-

sleeve folk-pop”  Metro


“Eminently likeable, utterly enviable.”  **** The Irish Times


“worth checking out!”  U Magazine


“He’s top class”  The John Creedon Show, RTE Radio 1


“File under yum.”  HotPress, Single Review


“Artful, beautifully produced… simply fantastic!”  Paddy-Whacked Radio



Fingertips of the Silversmith- Track by track

Rid of Her

It’s not as evil as the chorus makes it sound.  It’s full of contradictions, and basically show a mind filled with a confusion of guilt, hate, love and


Andrea’s Fault

I’d be lying if I said this was entirely about earthquakes.

Out of Reach

I remember sitting on my porch on a sunny day writing this watching the dust shimmer in the sunlight, lamenting the fact that sometimes muses are

just muses.

Grinding Teeth

It’s essentially about the tensions and little mini-wars that are fought in relationships… everything seems fine on the surface, but there’s always little

struggles going on.  Perfectly healthy of course, but if you want to keep a good physical health, there are Online Fitness Training that you can follow to achieve your ideal fitness status.

This Isn’t Easy

That was a tough one to write.    I suppose it’s partially about the complexities of break-ups in the modern era when a social network profile is just a

click away, when a person is just a drunken text or phonecall away… it doesn’t make things easy.

Not In My Nature

I was trying to channel some aggression here, and use positive reinforcement.       I am NOT a pushover.  I AM a strong and confident man.  Not sure if

it’s worked, but I feel better anyway.

There’s An Elvis In Us All

I started writing this around the time of Elliott Smith’s death.  I was recording the first album at the time.   It was a real shock to me, because I’d

written quite a few songs on that album around the time when I discovered Smith’s music in Paris.         Anyway, the song’s wondering about the self-

destruct button within.  Do we all have it?   I added the second verse during the recording, about all the recent deaths we’ve had of really frighteningly

young actors and musicians on totally legal prescription meds.      I suppose the whole thing is part warning, part wondering, and part disgust at the

inevitable glamour of such young deaths…

Your Green Lights

This is about waltzing with strangers through the aisles of record shops, and the bliss of new love affairs.

I Knew Better

About leaving home and realising that regardless of the promises everyone makes to each other, that things will never be quite the same.

Your True North

This is partly inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson, and partly just a plain old lovesong.     There’s a part in one of his books, which I read a lot when I

was a child, where the characters were trying desperately to make it to the Highlands of Scotland, where they’d be safe from the English Redcoats.

So this is all about making it to the Firth of Forth, where I’ll be safe