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Ian Fisher DoubleBlu 29.09.2011
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Ian Fisher

thursday, september 29th


Ian Fisher will have his LadenDebut
A troubadour of the old breed, Ian Fisher is a true man of the road.

Growing up along the Mississippi River in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri,

Ian quickly became accustomed to the constant motion of life.

Nestled in this picturesque Midwestern landscape, Ian lived, laughed

and loved along the same winding waters that once inspired Mark Twain,

Chuck Berry, and Johnny Cash in their day. At the age of 13 Ian was existentially

drawn to the world of music. Picking up a rustic old bass he strummed day and night

to scare away his small-town blues as well as to enchant his high school sweethearts.

After delving deep into the works of Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, and others Ian began to

transcend the looking-glass of the regular consumer life. Writing his own songs,

Ian started to express his ideas of and feelings for the world around him.

Entering Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, he became very interested in

political science and the machinations of the shameless powerbrokers and rich

influence-peddlers that populated his country. Recognizing the blurred reality

and various distractions that surrounded him, Ian realized that truth was what he

defined from personal experience and not what was prescribed to him by the establishment.\




Tanja Peer vocals, Kontrabass, Flöte
Phoebe Stewart Vocals, Gitarre, Violine

„doubleBLU“ came out of the blue…das verschwisterte Duo hat eigenständige Songs

zusammen kreiert und erforscht  neue Klangwelten,

welche die Improvisation, die Kombination der Instrumente und die persönliche

Ausdrucksweise zusammenfliessen lassen. Die Musik bewegt sich im Bereich

Singer-Songwriter und des modalen Jazz.