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watch out for Niall Connolly 19.12.2013
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last thursday for the Laden in 2013

starring: NIALL CONNOLLY – new york underground folk genius

support: warren malone

in the fire of the evening we will also – finally – release the

NEIL MCCARTHY live in the LADEN CD…if we manage with a skype live..technicians welcome!!!





„Dancing around an indie-folk persona, Connolly holds the essence of Jackson Browne, delivery of Dylan and the edge of Joe Strummer; only Connolly is no Pretender, he is the real deal. His elegant music is effortless, awesome and moving; it is so natural, it feels instantly familiar.“
– Nanobotrock

„That Niall Connolly is a folk icon isn’t debated by other musicians. Connolly’s creaky, achingly sweet Irish voice is a familiar instrument, and he performs tirelessly. Among the most vibrant, poignant, and authentic indie folk artists in New York City, Connolly is proving with every album that folk musicians are creating new and interesting material.“
-No Depression

„Deeply Passionate. Engaging songs that are very much in the vein of early Dylan and showcase the strength oh his voice and the potency of his words“
– The Irish Independent

„Earnest indie folk with real depth that skillfully mixes personal and political concerns“
– The Sunday Business Post

„Bigger and more expansive than previous offerings. Sound comes across as a very reflective record. Lyrically, there are a lot of things percolating. There is a deeper sense of curiosity and a keener awareness of life’s comings and goings“
– The Evening Echo

„Brooklyn based Niall Connolly is at the head of a new breed of politically engaged eloquent singer-songwriters emerging from New York’s most populous borough with his immensely literate appraisals of the personal and the political. “
– Death and Taxes