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princesse angine 12.06.2014
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Princesse Angine im verein08

Donnerstag, 12. Juni, 8pm 


vocals – Xenia Ostrovskaya (Rus)

violin – Vera Zhuk (Ukr)

violin – Nika Sapo (Isr)

viola – Elisaveta Rodionova (Rus)

cello – Agnieszka Kabut (Pol)

guitar – Ivan Petricevic (Cro)

bass – Sebastian Küberl (Aut)

drums – Igor Frntić (Cro)


“Princesse Angine” is the newest Viennese project of a Russian singer-songwriter Xenia Ostrovskaya, who mixes jazz, soft rock, folk and sung poetry. Sung poetry, or Poet rock, bloomed in USSR shortly before the Perestroika. Xenia, originally from Saint-Petersburg, portrays great influence of this genre in her songs. “Princesse Angine” started in 2010 and early works were mostly with a guitar. More recently, Israeli-Russian musician Nika Sapo, in cooperation with different arrangers in Vienna, created a new sound for “Princesse Angine”. The transformation is distinguished by the introduction of a string quartet and a rhythm section. On the 24th of March 2014, with their new line-up, the Band debuted in the “Strenge Kammer” of the renowned Viennese Jazz and Music Club “Porgy & Bess”. (Pressetext)