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Alice's Blog talk, Perry O' Parsons songs 09.10.2014
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9 .Oktober  8pm

Alice Stori Liechtenstein is designer, working mainly on exhibitions.

She is also a lecturer in Graz and recently has started a blog.

Her blog reflects her many interests and her approach to life

and all the beautiful things we can see from our own personal windows;

mainly design, of course!

She will speak about what she has learned from writing a blog and the life of a midnight writer.


The music of Perry O’Parson perfectly represents a typical mid-western,

countryesque atmosphere: endless highways in a wide countryside,

shabby yet homey saloons, and the melancholic side of freedom.

It seems like he’s spent all of his lifetime sitting on a porch,

thereby jamming his guitar to the sounds of vastness and loneliness.

You can also picture him squatting on the back of a truck, leaving for a place unknown.

But here comes the surprise:

Perry O’Parson usually gets to see the city lights of Karlsruhe,

since he’s a German musician that just doesn’t sound German at all, ..

You might as well sit by the bonfire with your friends or your love,

have some booze and enjoy a good time.