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Patrick Péronne 04.12.2014
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Donnerstag, 4.12.    8 pm

The Laden is happy to announce the great  Monsieur Patrick Péronne

He will perform on the verein08 piano. Which is neither a Boesendorfer

nor seriously in tune. But a Tom Waits kind of revolutionairy soulskeeper.

In that sense we will do the best to keep Patrick happy…



Patrick is also a Music Movies Composer and Arranger.

He composes original Film Musics for TV and Music Movies.

He is Song Performer in „The Monuments Men“, the George Clooney’s Movie (2014).

Patrick, in solo piano, is playing Night and Day in a scene with George Clooney and Matt Damon.

Piano Solo.

Classical music and Contemporary music are Patrick’s favorite acoustic piano styles.

He also plays in solo in Jazz, Latin, Brazilo and Contemporary jazz styles,

but principally in the first two styles because he began playing Classical music.



Patrick has about 50 albums……you can find them in the wide open internet or via his webiste.