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bombay acoustic people < > unii 07.05.2015
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two guest acts

bombay acoustic people from india
unii from japan




Comprising of experienced composers Sankarshan Kini on 6 string steel and Anurag Shanker on 6 string nylon, BAP is a fresh and novel take on contemporary acoustic original instrumental music. They present fresh original music for the soul.

Their live acoustic conversations have evolved from grass-root ideas. Each song tells its own story through evolving moods.

They just finished recording their debut studio album, which is set to release early next year.

BAP is a true representation of contemporary music that’s originating from the Indian subcontinent and truly one of it’s kind. 

Unii is a singer, songwriter, electronic music composer (ambient, avant-garde pop) from Northern island of Sapporo city, Hokkaido, Japan. Her soft yet powerful voice mixed with electronic sound invites you to the artistic world of hers. Unii has been performing live not only in Japan but overseas in Europe and Asia, such as Singapore, Vietnam and China. Her music is accepted positively borderless-ly and her style is described as post Bjork that it floats us into dream-like soundscape.

Unii released her first album from independent label Elegant Disc “New world, sea and your eyes” (2011) which she did all the creation work from recording to songwriting. The second album “Long scene, before sunset” was released from her own label Nothernlights in August of 2014. Unii’s creation is fresh and she is pioneering her own style of music.