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welcome to the living room 01.10.2015
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Donnerstag, 1. Oktober im verein08

Stadtarbeit – City Work – Vienna Design Week

migrationlab, verein08

Welcome to The Living Room! – Talk Migration Sparks Creativity!

Th 1.10.2015, 8–11pm

Four storytellers with multifaceted backgrounds will reveal their migration stories in a mix of various artistic forms: Photographs, songs, poems, stories, or video projections spark curiosity instead of fear of the unknown. The festival’s audience is invited to embark on a journey of discovery!


Welcome to the Living Room Day 7 at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK:
This evening we have interesting migration stories and thoughts to share with you so make sure you come by in Verein08, Piaristengasse 60, 1080 at 8 pm and join the conversation! Our living room invites to exchange worlds, rediscover each other and reconnect. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Storytellers this evening:
Poet and UrbanNomadMixes Initiator Camilo C. Antonio (Philippine/Austria)
Digital artists Beste Erener (Turkey/Austria) and Philipp Teister (Germany/Austria)
Certified Teacher Yoga and Consultant for various International Organizations such as UNIDO and the World Bank, Pri Elamthuruthil (South India/Austria)