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Tahereh Nourani 02.06.2016
Categories: Allgemein

Tahereh Nourani…..for the first time…in this setting, a premiere….

8pm this thursday night..

Tahereh Nourani (IR)
Flute,E-bass and loop

Once upon a time
…Many years ago, in the land of Anahit, a huge bundle of hair was born.
Finding out, that it was a girl, was the first big turn of events!
Filled with ignorance, curiosity and hunger,
she began searching the world for stories and food.
She met lots of other hair; All kinds of color and shape.
She learned about the heart, under every hair.
She learned about family, she made friends.
She heard lots of stories.
And there was always food! Good food!
Then, one day, wandering around, she came upon something very strange.
Something she couldn´t see, smell or taste.
Only once she listened…
it changed everything; colors, scents, tastes, even the hair and the hearts.
It was magic!
The second big turn of events;She decided, that she would become a magician!
And so her story began…