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andrew mezvinsky, philipp quehenberger, meaghan burke… 06.09.2018
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This evening follows the Lineage of the “change artist” by Albert Oehlen from the 1960’s – these reaction paintings examined the emergence of brain-enhancing drugs on people’s tendencies to look in depth at the banalities of life. The discussion should be seen as an experiment of intellectualizing the world around us with flashes of humor and ineptitude.

The topics would change but the overall conversation would be guided by the translation of smoke into creativity. As Francis Alys uses his series of paintings on blocks of wood to overlap concrete thoughts the evening would examine the possibility of even having a concrete thought. Also, we would discuss the counterbalance between escaping time through distractions and the potential of being present – General irony of Escapism.

Musical Guests:
Philipp Quehenberger, Beatrix (Battle Ax) Curran, Meaghan Burke & DJ Elin


Andrew M Mezvinsky