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Mark Geary – the foxhole series 17.10.2018
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Stadtwanderweg mit Mark Geary durchs Paradies bis an den Silbersee

MITTWOCH 17. Oktober – A Music Walk through the Golden Autumn Vienna Woods

Meeting Point:  

4:30 pm

A few meters away from the Busstation: Hüttelbergstraße – Ecke Freyenthurmgasse 2


(Die LinienBusse von Hütteldorf 52A 52B, 43B, Station: Freyenthurmgasse

Straßenbahn 49, Station: dann in die Hüttelbergstraße bis Ecke Freyenthurmgasse)

There is a door with the Name “Erholungsgebiet „Paradies“ that leads up into the woods,

at this door, which you can see from the Busstation “Freyenthurmgasse”

if you walk up Hüttelbergstraße a few meters, we will meet at 4.30pm and gather.


The Music and the Walk begins at 5pm sharp.


Walk through the Vienna Woods, the Silverlake and other stations.  With songs from and by Mark Geary at iconic places. and nature-stages.  


Potential visit of a typical Viennese wood -resetaurant called “schutzhaus rosental” for those who want.


There is a short part that is quite steep, but definitely also for kids and other to walk.

as the sun sets at around 6pm that day it be good to maybe take a Sweater or something warmish along for later.