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JAMES HARRIES 06.12.2018
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Donnerstag, 6. Dezember


JAMES HARRIES – a legend in the Laden

The Guardian writes about James:
British singer-songwriter James Harries has been described as a cross between Jeff Buckley and Oasis by Rolling Stone.
But don’t hold that against him.
The voice is raw, primal, set against folksy 1960s-style orchestration, but there is nothing fey about this boy.
He belts out his hymns of grief, loss and failed ambition.
Even the quieter numbers, such as the exquisite ‚The Day After‘, have a bruised quality.
There’s torture in the voice.
But there are also moments of tenderness: who could resist a love song that starts:

‚You came like a skin-reddening, sleeveless, summer’s day‘?


All of this and much more.

A true Ladener over the years, friend and fantastic songwriter will appear live this thursday night in the Laden.

Oh come all ye Faithfull…

Quasi ein Nikologeschenk zur richtigen Zeit!