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from the Joshua Tree Desert into the Laden 25.04.2019
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Kein Laden am Gründonnerstag!

Next one:

Donnerstag, 25. April

Live Sounds & Visuals by Reverend Screaming Fingers!

Lucio Menegon is a musician, composer and sonic artist. His mish-mash of sound encompasses ambient soundscape, avant rock, film soundtrack, twisted pop and free improvisation. He is currently working on a unifying theory of this mess and his many projects, recording credits and performances throughout North America and Europe are part of an ongoing effort to reconcile extremes and dispense with genre.

Music for Driving and Film evokes distant horizons, examines fleeting moments and illuminates shifting perspectives. A three album cycle produced over a span of twelve years, each album features music scored for, used in or presented with film. 2018’s Vol iii, The Desert Years is a meditation on the demon lover that is the desert, recorded in Joshua Tree, CA with Danny Frankel, Damian Lester, Victoria Williams, Wally Ingram, Lisa Mednick Powell and Janie Cowan. When presented solo the work takes on quite a different form, from simple guitar lines to wall of sound improvisational looping. “Imagine Ennio Morricone and Brian Eno thumb wrestling in the back seat of a moving ’66 Thunderbird to see who’ll pay the tab after a night of tequilla at a desert punk bar”