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The Return of E.W. Harries & Poet Stephen Cuthbertson 07.11.2019
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Donnerstag, 7. November 2019


The Laden is very happy to announce…

The Return of E.W Harris, with special guest poet Stephen Cuthbertson


Singer/Folktronicist E.W. Harris is a conspicuous figure on the Brooklyn scene. Known for his powerful vocals, and high energy performances, Harris’s songs attempt to peer in to our modern condition, through the eyes of robots, mutants, and accidental demigods. His newest recording „Homunculus“ in collaboration with Until the Quasar Cassettes is out now.


Stephen Cuthbertson studied an MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University, before moving to Vienna in 2010. His work has been published in various magazine and websites, and explores the issues of the self and identity, public and private, up close and at a distance, in strange and evocative imagery.