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The Laden Live Stream presents… Sophie Naufal and Andrew Standen Raz -from London, Virginia Maestro from Madrid 26.03.2020
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LADEN TV – Live Stream Session #2

Showtime: 8.15pm aka 20.15 Uhr Vienna Time/ CET

Die Zeit der Versuche ist da – so klar wie der Frühling*

Heute wieder live on Tune in!

In unserer heutigen Session versuchen wir eine Sendung entstehen zu lassen, die eintaucht in die Stimmung der Städte London und Madrid.

Beiderorts konnten wir sehr lässige Stimmen gewinnen.

In London we will hear filmmaker, cosmopolitan & social activist Andrew Standon – Raz currently working with a spontaneous grass roots movement of Londoners supporting Londoners in this crisis, and with refugee groups to produce a humanitarian film festival in London this Summer.

As a voice out of this City we will have the honour to present you Sophie Naufal is a British-Lebanese musician based in London. Her performances are raw and hypnotic, drawing the audience in and taking them on a journey through an intense and changing emotional world.

Her intimate compositions mirror the chaos and complexity of contemporary life. Sophie explores political, personal and existential upheaval with an unflinching eye, her haunting vocals and dissonant guitar juxtaposed by her signature dark humour. 

Live from Madrid we will have the honour to hear the great voice of the well- known Spanish Singer Virgina Maestro also known as Virginia Labuat

Her Song “Loneliness” fits well to the times of common isolations!

oder in Spanisch “Mira que es linda“

About her:

and….Always look on the bright side of life!