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LadenTV#5 Renee Benson, Meaghan Burke, Amber Riedl, Bernhard Hammer 16.04.2020 – 7.30pm Live
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AnNäherungen* Magic Souls & Special Créations. This upcoming thursday we will again invite Special People in Special Times. It will be a portraying life-journey about Life & Music and Sewing in New Orleans and New York City, Berlin, Vienna and always more…

LIVE on at 7.30pm Vienna (CET) – April 16th


Renee „RaiE“ Benson is Soul Unleashed. Her voice has taken her into the home of millions and in front of 65,000 people live.  She is the Emcee for NO HOME FOR JOHNNY and one half of the Freudian Cabaret Duo, Cheating on New York.  Featured around the world on radio, film, tv and stage and plans to not stop there. Check out her feature in „The Moment“ with MOTSA, released on Southern Fried Records. She performed at Glastonbury Festival and many other places and spaces. Renee studied at the prestigious “Tisch School of the Arts” at the New York University. She is originator of the Youth outreach program “IN MY WORDS,” an arts empowerment workshop for young women in the South Bronx.


Hailed as “outstanding,” with a “street-smart, feline voice” (The New York Times), Meaghan Burke is a cellist, vocalist, and composer working in the space between contemporary music, improvised music, and songwriting. Meaghan’s songwriting melds contemporary sonic aesthetics with her “velvety-dark” (Dusted Magazine), jazz-inflected voice and an old-fashioned approach to storytelling to produce “impossibly beautiful but in no way forgiving” songs (The Deli) which “skitter along the boundary between archaic pop and free-wheeling art song.” (Dusted) Meaghan has released two albums of her songs: the lush chamber folk of “Creature Comforts” in 2017, and her stripped-down debut “Other People’s Ghosts” in 2010. She is the other half of the Freudian Cabaret Duo, Cheating on New York!


Amber Riedl, Co-Founder and CMO of Makerist – Europe’s largest platform for creative projects.  At Makerist, the mission is to get more people crafting, by providing digital solutions that make crafting more collaborative, accessible and fun. Originally from Canada, she has lived in Berlin for 15 years. They currently offer a lot of special tools, workshops, about Masks obviously and much more. One of the best sewing platforms in Europe. Next to her family she is happily doing yoga, dancing, sewing, knitting, psychedelic breath or spending time in nature. 



Bernhard Hammer, grand Sound Sorcerer by many means, forms and instruments. integral part of Buenoventura, his musical alter ego in soundexperiments and also cofounder and a famous third of the unique Live-Techno Band Elektro Guzzi. Dominik Nostitz and Bernhard Hammer are part of the Sewmphonic Orchestra – an experimental soundplatform between crafts, sewing, live-performance and fun!

„Buenoventura was born in Vienna in 1980 as a son of a danube ship navigator and a striptease dancer. After school he decided also to become a sailor and moved to Nassau (Bahamas) where he lived for the next 10 years. There he started to play guitar and this became, besides shipping, his second passion. Since 3 years he is back in Vienna, where he is working as a musician and Karate coach“

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