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The House of Hearts A Pilot to a new Laden Live Stream#7 30.04.2020
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30.4.2020 20.15 UHR Live on


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Streaming from an island in times of ISOLAtion…


The House of Hearts is a series of Live Music & Banter reflecting the rhythm, the atmospheres and the life we are all currently confronted with. We will be invited in a variety of European Living Rooms, meeting great artists and people, exchange ideas, tell the stories of people who lost their jobs or projects, feature the new ideas & everything that can be learnt from this all.

The guests will perform music, and this will be the Live-Soundtrack of the show. The guests will also talk and exchange, come up with stories, worries or ideas. It is all about music, soul, life in the 21st century and a slice of Renaissance, I guess. Just like the lemon of a drink…



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For a true series you need a pilot, thats an old philosophy in film. And these days are anyway quite close to cineastic expression. So this will be our pilot and to show we really mean it this way, I thought we will need a real Pilot to be on Board with us. So I called Peter Wegrostek, for 20 years Pilot & Captain for the Austrian Airlines aka AUA, the last 5 years living with his family in Istanbul flying all over the world the big planes for Turkish Airlines. Due to the shutdown and the quarantine he lost his job another direct consequence of the pandemic. However, after a time to reorient yourself – coming back from the orient – he feels like being in a modern renaissance. He and his wife Marina and their two children moved back to Austria and they are currently starting with new ideas or with new adaption of already running projects…Marina formerly creating costumes for i.e. Burning Man Artists now is focusing on delivery of masks. .  .


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Loukia Agapiou was born in Nicosia (Cyprus). Already at elementary school age she took music lessons in classical guitar and singing at the Greek Music Academy and the European Music Conservatory in Nicosia.

In 1984 she won the first prize at the national singing competition in her home country. She also won first prize at the Young Musicians Competition held in Cyprus in 1985 as part of the UNESCO cultural program and was awarded a scholarship to study classical guitar at the List Ference Academy in Budapest.

Afterwards she studied at the Vienna Conservatory with Professor Inge Scholl, where she received her concert and pedagogy diploma. At the same institute she also studied classical singing with Professor Elsa Kastella. From her extensive repertoire she prefers to present Greek songs and has already had numerous concerts in Austria and also in her home country Cyprus.

Loukia lives in Vienna and is a singer, guitar player, teacher.

She often passed by the Laden, wandered what that place might be but never went inside. We booked her for our planned Music Distillery this March which due to eh-schon-wissen had to be cancelled or postponed. We are happy to have her in our Laden-Live Stream.


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Just found a text from the famous city-magazine falter about Maria. I quote this as the first two words alone invite us to a reflection of artists in times of quarantine.

“Alone at last. One of the most impressive singers of the local world music scene, Maria Craffonara, now presents a solo program, „Da Sora“. The title is Ladin and means „alone“. With it Craffonara, who played with Hubert von Goisern and has been successful for years with the musical genre border crossers Donauwellenreiter, refers to her South Tyrolean origins. For „Da Sora“ she sings in Ladin, German and Italian, plays violin, piano and kalimba, a plucked instrument.”

Maria Craffonara, who comes from Bruneck in South Tyrol, received her classical singing training at the Salzburg Mozarteum and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, before she was allowed to travel the Danube to the Black Sea with Hubert von Goisern in 2007.

Many impressions of this journey flowed into the formation of her first ensemble „Trio Brasentina“ with the Serbian accordionist Nicola Zaric and the North Tyrolean pianist and composer Thomas Castañeda. In the meantime, the formation has grown into a quartet and has released three recordings under the name „Donauwellenreiter“. A tiny note from the editor: the verein08 had the honour to host their very first appearance as “Donauwellenreiter” a few years ago. Still happy about it.

Maria will join us on Violin and Voice, stories and thoughts about living in Europe as an artist in times like these.


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The DJ and voice of FM4 Unlimited, Matthias Schönauer aka FUNCTIONIST is known as an openminded, curious and versatile music lover who knows how to get his crowd moving. From big club nights to his daily radio show and festivals he provides a high-quality selection from his extensive music collection. 

In his sets today he likes to play a flexible mix of all variations of dance music that fits to his personal musical story as well as his biography. The half Swedish/Austrian started in the 90s as a hip-hop DJ and soon discovered his love for techno, disco, house, world dance, global dance, techno disco, and much more. listen for yourself: At a party or on the radio – every workday from 2-3pm on Radio FM4.

May this series of live music isolas and interviews find inspiration and exchange, may this bring good atmospheres and without being established to redefine a true and real-life night it is aiming to provide and to be an authentic and lively format where we meet artists with roots all over Europe and get a feeling for their longings, cultural and musical heritage and the need to exchange and inspire.

A splendid time is guaranteed to all – this line stands on the backside of the Sergeant Pepper Album, if you have it at home…look for it. It makes me smile every time. If you don’t have it at home, just believe in the splendid time and it will come.

My wanna-be-haiku for the day:

We are all but pixels of our own big picture…

so, tune in into the Opening Live-Stream-Party of our House of Hearts Series!

If you know the Laden and want to support it, feel free to share and spread. If you don’t know it have a look, feel free to enter, to listen…

anyway, always have a look on the bright side of life!

We are very thankful for the kind support of this project series by

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