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celebrating 250y Beethoven, 75y UN, 70y Schuman Declaration, 25y Austria being part of EU…with a 9* 09.05.2020
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9th May – 9 Artists – 9th Symphony

Celebrating Europe Day

25 years Austria in EU 70 years of Schuman Declaration
75 years UN 250th birthday of Beethoven

# Live Stream – LIVING ROOM CELEBRATION & Cultural Orchestration

Live is an experiment, living together is an experiment, the European Union is an experiment, the United Nations are an experiment, the Schuman Declaration was an idea and motivation to experiment and Beethoven was constantly experimenting and instrumenting… so in reflection to this all we want to present the culmination of all in our first experiment as an one hour Live Stream celebrating these round birthdays of those substantial entities and birthday kids. when i say kids i still want to see them grow...

On 9 May 2020 at 11h00 (Vienna time)

– A Live Stream Performance of 9 Artists performing for 9 Minutes the 9th of Beethoven on the 9th May. It will be an orchestration of an artistic relay race performing the 9th Symphony by 9 Artists in changing circles. Every artist will perform one after the other and partly together in a special arrangement and in continuation the Ode of Joy. Every artist, from different EU Member States, will be from a different genre in music from classical to pop, jazz, electronic etc. The production is an unique piece of performing the European Anthem which is brought for the first time as an artistic relay race, symbolising the circulation, solidarity, creativity within the European Union. Also part of this performance will be a sign language interpreter.

Official statements from

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission Josep Borrell

Austrian Federal Minister for European and International Affairs Alexander Schallenberg

State Secretary for Arts and Culture Ulrike Lunacek.

– Short Live Talks with artists originally from all over the EU about the European Solidarity and life in difficult times during confinement. Short insight in people’s special experiences, inspirations, changes in the day-to-day lives and how it feels to be a European.

The Arrangement for the Ode to Joy Performance is made from Konstantin Wladigeroff. We thank following artists for their contribution, spirit and time:

Konstantin Wladigeroff , Piano & Arrangement (Bulgaria)

Alexander Wladigeroff – Trumpet, Percussions BalkanJazz (Bulgaria)

Anna Veselova – Violoncello/Classic (Latvia)

Floris Willem – Violin /Classic (Belgium)

Karin Waldburger – Tenor Saxophone /Jazz (Germany)

Hannah Debono – Flute /Classic (Malta)

Alice Schneider – Voice /Pop (France/Autriche)

Paul Schweinester – Tenor /Opera (Austria)

Christian Reiner – Word/Poetry/Performance (Germany)

Matthias Schönauer – Electronics/Electronic Music (Sweden/Austria)

Hanna Boesch – Sign Language Interpretation of the Ode to Joy

Sofia Taliani – 60 Beans in 60 Seconds Performance on Beethovens Coffee Habits (Italiy)

Concept, Art Direction & Production: Dominik Nostitz

Chief & Master of all Tech Production & Live Stream: Mike Wilhelm

Graphic Design: Anuradha Genrich

Ode to Joy/ 9th Symphony Production by Martin Pusch

Ode to Joy/ 9th Symphony Camera: Carlo Hofmann, Sound: Claus Benischke-Lang

#Delegation of the European Union to the

International Organisations in Vienna Alain Matton