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When scientists and biologist are looking for ways to explain the forms and shapes of the substance that keep the world in hostage….substance? subsDance…hosting one of the leading inspiring and influential artists on modern dance in Austria we talk about the world of dance in a lockdown phase and much about life and performance,… performance? when a great couple make music together their living room stands still, another great album is on the road to release…Release? like Indian chants and Sufi flow we invite an Indian voice to share sounds and thoughts of Indian depth and soundscape in our living rooms,…in our House of Hearts…


Liz King has worked professionally as a dancer and choreographer since 1967.

In 1982 she co-founded TTW – Tanztheater Wien, which would become Austria`s first independent contemporary dance- theatre company. TTW toured extensively throughout Europe performing at festivals at Centre Pompidou Paris, Europalia Brussels, Hebbel Theater Berlin and a unique guest performance at the Staatsoper Wien in 1986 to name just a few.

In 1989 she became director and choreographer at Stadttheater Heidelberg where she led a company of 14 dancers for 7 years and created 11 full length pieces. In 1996 she returned to Vienna to re-start TTW 2, bringing with her a young team of dancers. In 1999 the company moved into the Volksoper Vienna creating an innovative environment for contemporary dance for large audiences. Schwanensee Remixed reached 50.000 people in the 4 years of her directorship at the VOP.

In 2005 Liz King founded D.ID Dance Identity which she now leads with the film maker Max Biskup. D.ID created the Choreografisches Zentrum Burgenland which is now situated in the Kultur Kongress Zentrum Eisenstadt and hosts dance artists and emerging choreographers from Austria and from across the globe.

D.ID collaborates with European Dance Organisations and has been part of 4 EU Creative Europe projects. It also presents an international 2-day festival annually in May at KUZ Eisenstadt.

Liz has been a leader in Austria since 2007 in promoting artists to implement their work in strong community-based activities, especially with refugees and local communities.



Chris Campregher is a biologist with a scientific background in oncology and a strong interest in ecology and archeology. He loves to listen and to produce electronic music and as DJ trockenmoos soundcloud.com/trockenmoos he is missing night life during the Covid-19 crisis.


Anuradha Genrich is a vocalist, trained in Carnatic music (South Indian traditional classical) under the tutelage of Sangeetha Kalaacharya Vidwan Sri. Bombay Ramachandran in Madras. As the lead vocalist of the prestigious ‘Laya Project Live’, she has toured Israel & Australia singing with Buddhist monks & Tamil Sufi Singers. She has also performed with the Indigenous Aboriginal elders in the Beswick Community, Australia. She currently lives in Vienna designing & singing.

Anuradha Website


Knapp ein Jahr nach ihrem von Kritikern hochgelobten Debüt „Superland“ lädt PIPPA ihre HörerInnen ein, sie auf einen Trip ins „Idiotenparadies“ zu begleiten.

Es war absolut nicht selbstverständlich, dass mit „Idiotenparadies“ nun bereits ein zweites Album der Wienerin vorliegt (Veröffentlichung 28.8.2020), der im Musikgymnasium mangelndes Talent und fehlender Ehrgeiz vorgehalten wurden. Ihr wurde gar bescheinigt, „ungeeignet“ zu sein. Nun, abgesehen von der pädagogisch unglaublich wertvollen, sensiblen und vortrefflichen Wortwahl, kann man den LehrerInnen aus heutiger Sicht nur sagen: Ihr hattet unrecht! Ihr lagt voll daneben.


ist Multiinstrumentalist, Theatermusiker, Tonmeister und Sänger/ Mastermind der Band „Neuschnee“. Er ist ein Studiotüftler aber auch ein hingebungsvoller Performer, und prägt mit Projekten wie „Neuschnee“ (kammermusikalischer Pop/Rock mit Streichquartett), „Hans im Glück“ (Indie-Elektro-Punk), „das trojanische Pferd“ (Chanson-Punk) und „Pippa“ (literarischer Pop) die Musiklandschaft Wiens mit. Durch den frühen Kontakt zur klassischen Musik einerseits und der Liebe zur Popularmusik andererseits, arbeitet er in musikalischen Grenzbereichen und an seiner eigenen Vorstellung von Crossover-Musik.


Stefan Grünert is an accomplished life scientist and for his doctorate he analysed the influenza virus. He co-authored more than 16 publications with an excess of 4,700 cumulative citations and several patents. He is co-founder of biolution and was managing director of “open science”, a national Austrian association for science communication.  

At biolution he is mainly responsible for supporting clients in their research proposals. He also realized his dream of producing scientific animations with the professional media designers of the biolution team. Check out www.youtube.com/c/biolution, which has more than 10.000 subscribers and >20.000 viewing hours.

The House of Hearts is a series of Live Music & Banter reflecting the rhythm, the atmospheres, and the life we are all currently confronted with. We will be invited in a variety of European Living Rooms, meeting great artists and people, exchange ideas, receiving a feeling for other people’s Livingroom’s and hearts. The idea is that in every living room that we find an artistic or human spirit in, most likely there will be at least one heart. the collection of exchange within those living rooms builds the House of Hearts.

The guests will perform music, and this will be the Live-Soundtrack of the show. The guests will also talk and exchange, come up with stories, worries or ideas. It is all about music, soul, life in the 21st century and a slice of Renaissance, I guess. Just like the lemon within a drink

A splendid time is guaranteed to all – this line stands on the backside of the Sergeant Pepper Album, if you have it at home…look for it. it’s worth the venture.

My wanna-be-haiku for the day:

We are all but pixels of our own big picture…

so, tune in into the Live-Stream-Party of our House of Hearts Series!

If you know the Laden and want to support it, feel free to share and spread. If you don’t know, it have a look, feel free to enter, to listen…

anyway, always have a look on the bright side of life!

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