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The House of Hearts # Rotem Bar Or, Salah Addin and Hattie Edmonds 11.06.2020
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This weeks House of Hearts Guests are the marvellous singer and performer Rotem Bar Or from the great Band the Angelcy, as well as Sudanese singer and composer Salah Addin. It was after midnight and a beautiful night at the lake Garda when a friend of mine introduced me to the song „Giant Heart“ by Rotem Bar & the Angelcy. This song became a wonderful soundtrack for virtually everything,… gigs, my music walks, singing while trying to cook something and so on… a haunting melody for sure… it seems this House of Hearts will maybe become a thursday night live streamed about haunting melodies… let’s see where it will all take us..


Longing wafts through the songs of The Angelcy. Longing for happiness, for peace, for something new, for change. The globetrotter Rotem Bar Or returns to his homeland Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2010 after several years of travel. There he gathers a group of musician friends around him, with whom he wants to realize his dream of a music career. With a few demo recordings in their luggage, the sextet will go on tour in their home country in 2011. Just one year later the song „Dreamer“ is played on the most important radio station in the country and an enthusiastic following attends the live performances.

Many songs refer to the political circumstances, criticize and become hymns for a young generation. But above all The Angelcy impresses with an unusually wide repertoire of instruments, with which they break folk conventions. Besides the guitar and a double instrumentation on the drums, the members master viola, double bass, clarinet, flute and much more. The diverse sounds surprise, hypnotize and let lukewarm summer evenings fade away.

This is why The Angelcy has long been more than just an Israeli phenomenon. In Germany and Europe they have also been filling concert halls for some time now. And the number of their fans increases with every performance: because their charisma on stage is as irresistible as singer Rotem Bar Ors distinctive voice, when they invite everyone to sing along, dance along and dream along.



Hattie blogged for the Huffington Post on ‘How to Successfully Market your Book’. Throughout 2019 she toured schools and colleges with the mental health and mindfulness teacher, Mary-Louise Morris. Using her second YA book as inspiration, they ran creative writing workshops to help children and teenagers understand how we all see the world differently, according to our own beliefs and judgements. These workshops included interactive group exercises and visualization techniques, to encourage students to discover where their mental blocks might be and how they might begin to dissolve them.
Hattie’s two novels are both published by RedDoor. Cinema Lumiere went to the top of the Amazon charts and her second (YA) novel The Spectacular Vision of Oskar Dunkelblick was described as ‘hilarious…dark… beautifully crafted’ (WH Smith’s Children’s Book Awards).

Hattie was the first in-house writer at Comic Relief, where she worked on projects with Richard Curtis, Armando Iannucci and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Hattie is offering sessions with her publisher on how to publish and market your book. 
Day after Lockdown she started to create her platform „THE HOUSE OF TALENTS“

Reviews for Cinema Lumière: “A magical, thought-provoking and uplifting tale…one of this year’s must-reads” — Daily Mirror (more reviews below)


The singer, guitarist, bassist, composer, arranger and percussionist Salah Addin was born in Khartoum, Sudan. Raised in a family of musicians, he lives and works as a professional musician in Vienna. The music is a sound mosaic with kaleidoscopic spectrum. Colourful it combines aspects of Afrobeat and Reggae. Melodiously it brings together a touch of Sufi with recognizable influences from Rock and RnB. Although the music is rooted in tradition, it reaches far beyond. The songs are sung in English and Arabic.