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HOTEL BEETHOVEN – Bozar – Live Stream 29.09.2020
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A Live Stream out of chosen rooms in Viennas Hotel Beethoven as part kick-off to the upcoming exhibition in Brussels Centre for Fine Arts BOZAR

Dienstag, 29. September – 20.15 Prime Time Go Live


In the history of our series House of Hearts and our production for EUDEL/UNO/9th of May-Europeday we are continuing to create new settings providing art in times rather difficult to manage in formats we were used to. This time the exciting Centre of Fine Arts BOZAR in Brussels will stream our HOTEL BEETHOVEN production tomorrow live out of Vienna’s Hotel Beethoven.  

In five different rooms of the Hotel we are pleased to welcome following artists, curators, conducters, people with attitude towards cultural heritage in reflection to current themes and expressions.

Oder wem beliebt auch auf twitch der Live Stream:


Hotel Beethoven Visitors & Guests:

Conductor Martin Haselböck



Musicians Lena Fankhauser & Mara Kronick



Curator Jasper Sharp


Tenor & Sopran Paul Schweinester & Theresa Dax



Cellist Michael Babytsch & Piano Player Pavel Kachnov

Musically we will experience parts of the eyeglass duo, a Fidelio duett by Marzelline & Jaquino, the songs “Der Kuss” and “Adelaide” and the pieces:

Zwölf Variationen über das Thema “Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen” aus der Oper: Die Zauberflöte von Mozart op. 66 / 12 Variations on ‚Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen‘ from: The Magic Flute by Mozart, op.66. (1798)

as well as the

Sonate für Cello und Klavier Nr. 3 A-Dur op. 69 / Sonata for Cello   and Piano Nr. 3 in A major Op. 69, (1808)  II. Scherzo: Allegro molto


Director of Webregie: Michael Wilhelm

Licht & Film: Heikel Ben Bouzid

Sound/Ton: Michael Heckl

Produktion: Jakob Stejskal & Dominik Nostitz

Idee & Konzept: Dominik Nostitz

Besten bzw. Beet*sten Dank an:


Die “Ludwig vom Beethoven“ Barbara Ludwig / Hotel Beethoven Vienna

Kulturforum Brüssel

© Dominik Nostitz, 2020, Vienna.


With a major exhibition, numerous concerts, and a string of talks and literary events, birthday boy Beethoven is definitely the centre of attention at BOZAR this autumn. The ever changing icon is also the subject of 6 radically contemporary visual interpretations by young artists from all over the world. The series of short films kicks off with a live-streamed event on September 29, 2020.

Contrary to the image of the solitary artist, doomed to reclusion by the fatal deafness that struck him in the middle of his life, Beethoven “was in the middle of society, determined and keen to fight”, as recently uttered by pianist Igor Levit. He adds that Beethoven is probably the best example of music as “emotionaler Zustandbeschreiber” (“depicting the world through emotions”).

German philosopher T.W. Adorno rightly described Beethoven’s music as “world theatre”, insisting that it is through his works – and thus the emotional power of listening – that Beethoven’s ideas were best understood.

BOZAR invites artists to explore what Beethoven means today, the significance and relevance of his ideas and his music for the 21st century. The composer’s startling and enduring universality is illustrated by the wide variety of nationalities that responded to the call, with artists from Egypt, Albania, Vietnam, Austria, Russia, and the Czech Republic. Come and watch their short movies for free in our Horta Hall from October 13, 2020 in the framework of the HOTEL BEETHOVEN exhibition.