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THE HOUSE OF HEARTS # 22.12. 20.15 Uhr Finale Saisonale 2020 Spontanale feat. the QR Coded Playlist House of Hearts # Arge Nussbaum
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Mesdames & Messieurs,

To make a long year short, I would like to invite you to one of the shortest announcements in this year of continuous announcements:

Tonight, 22.12.2020 at 8.15pm on www.verein08.at

House of Hearts – the final Session 2020!

Due to the fact that this date looks like a binary code almost, we thought it might be the right time to gather a few classic artists who already shared some time this year in our HOUSE OF HEARTS Series.

So tune in tonight at 8.15pm via the Laden-Website again.

With Special Guests: Salah Addin, Pippa & Hans Wagner, Patricia Aulitzky and more.

In a Coproduction with Jürgen & Thomas from the ARGE Nussbaum, we are happy to announce that we will build & present a large QR Code in front of the Laden-Door.


House of Hearts (urbanartspots.com)


Symbolising the closed venues in the cities all around the globe, we want to show metaphorically, that there is a lot of life inside the walls and houses of people.

there are a lot of great hearts inside performing and playing, even if we can’t be a live part of it. So we created a Playlist that we also want to present tonight for the first time, so people passing the Laden in the Piaristengasse will be invited to scan the code and receive songs of great artists we had the honour to share time and songs with during this year. It shall give the impressions that in the room of the Verein08 or any venues or living rooms, artists, musicians continuingly perform and play…. and this as a bridge to enjoy the muses!

Thanks to Jürgen & Thomas from URBAN ART SPOTS


Thanks to Mike, Heikel and Michi for the technical set ups and bridges!